Be a Free Spirit

Our Mission – FreeSpirit opens the door for travellers and locals alike to find new experiences, either in faraway dream destinations, or on your doorstep. Our mission is to bring people and companies together to create ever-improving experiences for everyone.

Not just a booking portal, we connect you to local businesses in a way that mutually benefits you and the businesses we partner with.

abdelilah boudir

Control is Yours

You can create your own tailored experience, deciding when and/or where for yourself based on availability, or you can choose pre-made packages created by our partners.

You can book, compare and personalise your experiences using our collective local knowledge, choosing from a wide variety of experiences that suit all budgets. With us, you will have access to our enquiry feature which puts you in direct contact with our partners, allowing you to ask any questions and personalise your experience directly, saving time and effort. Queue jumping and time saving options means more time to enjoy your experience.

Feedback and Reviews

All our reviews are by customers with verified purchases. We welcome your opinions, and you’ll also be invited to give your feedback, so we can improve our services.

Abdelilah Boudir, Founder

No matter where I am, in my free time I begin by searching for new experiences. Without breaking the bank or wasting time, I want to create new memories. This previously resulted in long confusing searches online between different websites and service providers, looking at prices, reviews and trying to judge the quality of what was on offer. I wanted to use my free time more efficiently, but when I was on holiday, I couldn’t find what I wanted to do without going to several locations and trying to communicate what I wanted until I finally found what I needed.


I wanted a solution, so I created FreeSpirit, with the intention of helping other enthusiasts find their experience easily and in one place.


Abdelilah Boudir